Wiley X has proven to be a very sucessful addition to our safety and sunglass offerings. The frames are extremely durable, fashionable and comfortable. They also tend to successfully accomodate a very wide range of prescriptions. While we sell these predominantly as safety glasses they also make great prescription sunglasses, sports glasses and also are popular for motorcycle riding because they tend to fit very close and keep the wind out of your eyes.


As with any of our safety glasses, all Wiley X models are available in single vision and bifocal and clear, dark and transitions lenses. 


We have access to the entire Wiley X product line but below are a few of our favorites with a brief description. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

Wiley X: P-17


This model has been our best selling safety frame for years. It tends to fit a medium size face best and accomodates difficult prescriptions often including progressive bifocals depending on fit. It comes in Black, Flat Black and a Shiny Tortoise Brown. 

Wiley X: Brick


The Brick is one of the longest standing and most popular Wiley X models in our inventory. It fits a wide variety of faces and succesfully holds a wide range of prescriptions in single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses. It's a favorite in the 'Black Ops' matte black. The Brick also comes with the removable foam 'gasket' that can be mounted to the back of the frame to help seal out dust and debris. 

Wiley X: Airrage


The Airrage is actually the Wiley X frame that introduced us to their line and the safety possibilities with their product. We've carried it for years and it remains a popular choice. The Airrage comes in a variety of colors and is a medium sized frame. It holds a very wide range of prescriptions and comes with a removable foam 'gasket' the can be mounted to help keep wind and/or dust and debris from getting behind the frame.  

Wiley X: Censor


This model fits small and medium faces best. While it does accommodate many prescriptions, some more extreme prescriptions will be unavailable in this frame. It's a great looking frame. 

Wiley X: Gravity


The Gravity is among the newer Wiley X frames. It best suited to a medium to small sized head. The Gravity is in the climate control collection meaning it comes with a foam gasket that can be mounted to the back of the frame to keep wind and dust/debris from getting behind the frame. The Gravity is also available in a slightly different style called the RIM system, that accomodates very, very difficult prescriptions.  

Wiley X: Slay


This model fits medium and large faces best and fits very close to the face due to the extreme wrap. While it does accommodate many prescriptions, some extreme prescriptions will be unavailable in this frame. This frame is also not a great choice for progressive bifocals but lined bifocals often work well. It is a great looking frame in flat black.