We've been selling Spy eyewear for many years now and have been very, very pleased with their value. They produce and extremely well made product and are priced affordably. We carry many of their styles in both sunglass and prescription glasses and they currently offer many safety frames that we've had success with. Like all our other safety frames they are available in single vision,  bifocal, trifocal, progressive and clear, tinted, polarized or transitions lenses. 

Spy: Bounty


This popular safety frame fits a wide variety of face sizes and shapes and comes in both flat black and gloss black. It also succesfully accomodates a wide range of prescriptions. The Bounty has proven to be one of the best sellers in our office and is an extremely tough and good looking frame. 

Spy: Dirk


The Dirk is a newer offering by Spy in it's safety selection. It has quickly become a very, very popular choice in our office. The Dirk is an excellent choice for a prescription safety glass. 

Spy: Rover


The Rover is a good choice for smaller faces and holds many prescriptions well. 

Spy: Dega


The Dega is a good choice for meium sized faces. It is a very nice looking frame but has a slightly narrower range of prescriptions which will fit it well. 

Spy: Logan


The Logan is a good choice for meium sized faces and holds many prescriptions very well.